Need details about our online chat software?

We have 50+ reasons why Chatwee social chat widget is so unique. Check them out!

🛇 Fast & Easy Setup

  • Requires no coding knowledge
  • Register for 7 day trial period and test any plan you wish
  • Get your one line of code, embed it on your website and Bob's your uncle!

Software as Service

  • Cloud-based, so it keeps your site running fast
  • Automatic handling of chat software updates
  • Database maintenance, backups, server security
  • The app is hosted on rocket-fast servers

📎 Chat & Share

  • Share files with your visitors in a simple and intuitive way
  • Autolink functionality for all the users
  • Share videos and photos with automatic preview on the chat wall
  • Sharing rich media content increases engagement
  • Users can rate shared messages and media

Public & Private Chat Mode

  • Visitors can talk in public mode using group chat
  • Start a private conversation with any person available from the user list
  • Chat privately in separate windows (Facebook-like) or in one compact window
  • Ignore private chats button
  • Block abusers functionality

🔄 Real-time updating

  • Chat software updates automatically, no need to refresh the browser
  • Online user list and user counter
  • Sound notifications
  • Immediate geolocation of users
  • Automatic reconnection

🕔 Browse, Explore & Chat

  • Insert chat box into a specific container on website
  • Embed chat widget into the bottom of webpage using the 'fixed' option
  • Pop-out chat button
  • Visitors can browse the site and chat simultaneously
  • No need to log in over and over again while exploring the site
  • Multi-tab synchronization

🔿 Lightweight

  • Strict HTML5
  • No plugins like Flash or Java required
  • Every line of code is designed to maximize the communication without taxing the load time

Modern Interface

  • Clean and non-distractive interface provides for highly intuitive usage
  • Beautiful design with every detail powered by CSS3
  • Minimize or even turn off the chat software, if necessary
  • Built-in tooltips for instant support

View Modes

  • Resize your widget horizontally and vertically
  • Change the appearance: from the full-size ('Facebook-like') to the compact mode
  • Move your widget to the left or right side with a single click
  • Set your own default sizes and mode view
  • All chat users can adjust the size to their own preferences

Rich chat widget content

  • User search tool
  • 'User is typing...' indicator
  • Time shown indicates how long ago the message was sent
  • Smileys can be enabled/disabled in Control Panel
  • Very handy, resizeable and modern-looking message input field
  • Enable the browser tab blink to get a new message notification
  • Highly-intuitive drop-down chat menu
  • Sounds can be permanently turned off in Control Panel
  • Turn on geolocation by displaying country flags in the chat user list
  • IRC-style commands
  • Spell checker
  • Ad-free experience

Control Panel

  • Highly intuitive and user friendly dashboard
  • Manage and personalize your chat software in one place
  • Chat widget can be easily disabled without removing the code with a single click, if required
  • Access Control Panel directly from the chat window


  • Name your social chat, display it in the header and become more recognizable
  • Choose your own background, border and text colors using a simple color-picker tool
  • Set your own prompt in the message input field saying, for instance, 'Hello! Make yourself heard.'
  • Decide whether you'd like to display messages in elegant bubbles with avatars or as plain text
  • Choose the shape of avatars: circular, square or rounded
  • Fully editable welcoming cloud makes your online chat system more noticeable for new visitors

🔑 Full Authorization Control

  • Integrate Single Sign-on
  • Anonymous Login ('Chat as a Guest') feature can be turned on
  • New visitors can create universal Chatwee accounts
  • Integration with social websites - Facebook and Twitter login
  • The auto-login option can be enabled in Control Panel
  • 'Remember me' functionality
  • Guest posting can be turned off
  • Public chat can be disabled/enabled

📊 Analytics

  • Test stats updated within milliseconds of actual events
  • View your chat activity stats like the number of visitors, messages sent and many more
  • Search for particular archived public messages

Content Management

  • Review and moderate your group chat history
  • Get rid of unwanted content by simple deletion
  • Profanity filter helps to specify words and phrases to be filtered
  • Create a list of moderators/admins
  • 'Hide me on the user list' feature for admins
  • Ban abusers and spammers once and for all

🔒 Security and Privacy

  • Enhanced security (SSL/HTTPS)
  • Chatwee is always hosted separately from your website
  • The app does not interfere with your code


  • Works great with most popular CMS like Wordpress, vBulletin, Drupal and Joomla
  • All major modern browsers are supported
  • Available for Windows and MAC OS X
  • Responsive design for all major mobile devices

🌎 Multilingual

  • Available localizations: English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Hebrew, Bengali, Telugu, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, German, French, Danish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Slovak, Thai, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Norwegian, Hindi, Serbian, Croatian, Japanese, Romanian and Vietnamese
  • Right-to-Left Language Support
  • More translations coming soon. Want to help translate our social chat? Let us know.